Natural Sweeteners

If you are concerned about eating highly-processed food products, filled with chemical additives, then natural sweeteners can sweeten your food in a healthier way.

Natural Sweeteners

These days, people are often becoming much more conscious of the fact that we really “are what we eat”. Eating should be a pleasurable experience, but it is also a very practical activity. Food is fuel for the body and if we want our bodies to stay healthy then it is best to choose high-quality fuel. Sweetening food can help improve the taste and can make some healthy foods much more enjoyable. For example, some people find grapefruit far too sour to eat on its own, no matter how many vitamins it has. Using natural sweeteners makes it possible to add sweetness to bitter foods in a healthier way.

Everything You Need to Know About Natural Sweeteners

Refined sugar is bad for your health. It has strong links with some of the world’s most dangerous diseases like diabetes, cancers, and heart disease. Given such consequences, quitting is the best thing that you can do for your health, however tough it may be. For those who find it hard to break the habit, natural sweeteners can be a better alternative.

Fruit sweeteners are low in calories and taste just as sweet. Most of them come with added vitamins and nutrients. Besides, the fruits can be taken in many ways; freshly picked, dried, or syrups. Concentrates and syrups are the best options when you want a base for your smoothies or to sweeten your coffee.

Benefits of Using Natural Sweeteners

Unlike processed sugar, natural sweeteners contain extra nutrients. For example, prune syrup contains a vitamins B-6, A, and K. It is also rich in sodium, calcium, and potassium. Fruit derivatives are usually high in antioxidants, which help to fight the growth of cancerous cells. Date juice promotes natural childbirth in women by stimulating the synthesis of oxytocin.

Fruit syrups contain a subtle sweetness that can be varied depending on the desired flavor. Raisin concentrate, for example, is a self-preserving option that tastes sweeter than sugar. The fiber in fruits can help to control weight gain. Eating fiber leaves you feeling full for extended period thus you end up eating less food. It can also help with constipation and digestive problems.

How to Choose the Right Natural Sweeteners

Ensure you read the package label before you pick up a natural sweetener and look for hidden ingredients, which may be harmful to your health. However, some of the effects may depend on the context. For example, a high-calorie count may be harmless for a highly active person. You may also want to look at soluble fibers, which can help in digestion.

Products with a lower glycemic index may be great for people with blood sugar problems. Glycemic index measures the ability of carbohydrate in spiking blood sugar levels. If you suffer from hypertension, try to go for options with high potassium content. Natural sweeteners can be used to make healthy breakfast treats.

Types of Natural Sweeteners

Fruit syrups are one of the healthiest substitutes for refined sugar. They are filled with fiber, which helps to slow down sugar absorption. Low sugar levels will force the body to convert stored fats into energy, dropping the excessive weight. Siroperie Meurens has been producing a wide range of fruit juice concentrates for various uses. Some of their featured products include dates, apricots, figs, pears, raisins, and prunes.

Dates help to fight against aging and abnormal cell growth. Prunes are very good with digestive problems. Raisins are a good source of energy. Fig syrup is a perfect appetizer and pear concentrate is a rich source of vitamin C. Many of the natural sweeteners contain several trace minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium.

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