Sugar Substitute

Sugar substitutes are a great help to people looking to keep down the calories and manage their weight for longer-term health benefits.

Sugar Substitute

We all know that being overweight is bad for us. Unfortunately it can be very hard to resist the temptation to sweeten food. Sweet food is often comforting and can give an emotional boost on stressful days. Chocolate is a classic example of this or hot, comforting desserts in cold, miserable weather. Sometimes foods and drinks that many people enjoy are inedible (or undrinkable) without some form of sweetening. Espresso coffee, for example, may be a great way to wake up in the morning, but for many people it needs some form of sweetener to take away the harshness of the taste. Sugar substitutes can provide the flavour without the calories.

Which is the Best Sugar Substitute?

Sugar is extremely sweet thus tempting to consuming way too much. Processed sugars have been associated with many ailments, like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. But, thanks to increased awareness, many people are now trying to eat less sugar. However, it remains an important part of your diet when taken in moderation.

Instead of going sugarless, you can opt for a sugar substitute to sweeten your meals. Fruit sugars are a great choice because they contain other nutrients like protein, vitamins, and trace minerals. What's more, you will have a wide pool of flavors to choose from since the fruits come with a unique taste. You can decide, for instance, to substitute with pear, raisin, date, or prune concentrates.

Why Should You Choose a Sugar Substitute?

You can do without sugar. Besides the sweetness, processed sugars rarely add any nutritional value to a diet. Moreover, it can create a hormonal imbalance that increases your food cravings leading to obesity. When the body gets too much sugar, the excess is stored as fat under the skin or around the heart.

Processed sugar is highly addictive. You are going to want to consume more and more as dopamine levels rise in your body. High sugar intake affects the insulin hormone, leading to poor synthesis and eventual problems like diabetes. In spite of all the risks, it is hard to avoid sugar completely. Instead, you can opt for a healthy sugar substitute like fruit puree or juice concentrate.

How to Pick the Right Sugar Substitute

Even when trying to avoid processed sugars, some natural sweeteners can be more harmful than you think. Some have been found to have a higher calorie count than ordinary table sugar. Typically, the substances come in varying amounts, making it harder to choose the right one for your needs.

As with most foods, the nutritional profile offers the best way to find a sugar substitute fit for your needs. It is important to check the calorie content and fructose concentration since they have been linked to heart problems and diabetes. Review the nutrient balance by looking for the presence of other vitamins and minerals. For instance, those with high potassium content can help to regulate blood pressure.

Where to Get Your Sugar Substitute

100% natural fruit syrups present the best alternative sweeteners for any meal. They are nutritionally balanced and can be as sweet as table sugar, at times better. Dates are high in antioxidants, which help to curb the growth of cancerous cells. Similarly, grapes are rich in vitamin C, helping to improve the body’s immunity.

Siroperie Meurens has a fine selection of fruit purees and syrups. Many of their products can make a fine sugar substitute, and there is no reason why you cannot use it in your puddings and desserts. Their syrups are being used in pastries, lunch bars, baby food, jelly spreads, tea, and coffee. The company has a rich history, spanning well over 40 years in food processing.

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