Pear Concentrate

The long-underestimated pear is now finally starting to get the recognition it deserves and pear concentrate is a tasty way to enjoy it.

Pear Concentrate

In the UK pears have spent years as an undervalued fruit. While multiple varieties of apples have brightened the shelves of shops for decades, pears have been something of the poor relation. Over recent years, however, this has been changing as scientists have found out more about the health benefits of pears and their related products such as pear concentrate and the general public has been encouraged to try them as part of a healthier diet. People may have tried pears for health reasons, but most people will only keep buying any food product if it tastes good. Thankfully pears taste delicious both on their own and in other dishes.

All You Need to Know About Pear Concentrate

When it comes to looks, pears leave a lot to be desired but deep inside them lies one of nature's health secrets. The fruits are highly delicious besides having a wide range of nutritional benefits. For example, they have been found to have flavonoids, which help to curb free radicals in the body.

Indeed, pears contain more calories than apples, so they would be a better choice if you a looking for an energy booster. Pears can be juiced and taken as a drink or added to various dishes. Pear concentrate is just a stronger version of the juice. A good pear juice concentrate should be made without adding artificial sweeteners, sugar and coloring agents.

How the Pear Concentrate is made

Fruits like pears and apples are usually hard to juice, a reason why most end up being boiled or steamed before the juicing. The fruits have a highly fibrous core, which takes a lot of effort to break down. When boiling the fruit, special care is needed to avoid overcooking it and ruining the nutrient composition. The pear concentrate has an extremely short shelf life and needs to be refrigerated if you want to keep it for a long period.

Even though there are thousands of pear species around the world, the same juicing process can be used for similar results. Freshly picked pears need to be ripened in a warm place to get the best flavor.

When to Take Pear Concentrate

Our bodies need about 30 grams of fiber per day. Pear concentrate can supply a huge chunk of the requirements since a medium-sized pear can have as much as 7 grams of fiber. The compound has several other benefits, like helping to control weight gain. If you suffer from inflamed bowels, a diet filled with plenty of fibers might be your best chance at curbing the ailment.

Vitamin C is a critical antioxidant found in the fruit and helps to repair different body tissues including the skin, veins, and muscles. Pear juice can also help with indigestion, diabetes, and bad cholesterol. Since the solution is mainly water, it helps to ease the movement of stool and toxins from the body.

Popular Uses of Pear Concentrate

Pear concentrate can be used to bring a fruity flavor in candies, chocolates, and frozen snacks. The solution can also be used in place of processed sugars and artificial sweeteners. The juice usually comes in a light color, making it a versatile fruit concentrate. It can be added to oatmeal, breakfast cereals, and smoothies.

Increasing demand for healthy foods has seen its adoption in the processing of sauces, jellies, and jams. It is also used as an ingredient in lunch bars and pastries. If you want the fruit’s authentic flavor in your food, consider going for one of Siroperie Meurens canned options. They have a wide selection of fruit purees and juices to suit your taste.

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