Raisin Paste

Enjoy the health benefits of grapes in a delicious and convenient form. Raisin paste is full of nutrients as well as tasty.

Raisin Paste

Like many fruits and vegetables, grapes have clear and specific health benefits. These have been increasingly researched in recent decades as scientists have taken at keener interest in identifying and understanding the benefits of natural foods, particularly when compared with their highly-processed counterparts. Grapes are believed to be beneficial in combating cancer and heart disease and many people find they help to combat allergies, although as yet researchers are still investigating this possibility. Raisin paste is an enjoyable way of getting the health benefits of grapes in a way which is convenient for modern lives.

Raisin Paste: What is it and how is it Made?

Raisins are dry grapes. Drying gives them a tanned look away from the typical green of the fresh fruit. Raisin paste is produced by soaking and grinding them to a fine, creamy texture. Even though they are small, raisins are loaded with helpful nutrients and minerals. In addition, drying the raisins helps to increase mineral concentration.

Traditionally, the fruits were laid out to dry under the sun while modern technologies allow for mechanical drying. The resulting paste is mildly sweet, contains no preservatives and can be used as a substitute for sugar in many dishes. At Siroperie Meurens, a natural process is used to produce the puree so that none of the flavors and nutrients is lost.

The Process of Making Raisin Paste

The paste is usually made using dry raisins, which are soaked in water for softening. The water needs to be a little hot to speed up the rehydration. Soaking also helps to raise the mineral profile of the dried fruit before the extraction. In a commercial space like the one at Siroperie Meurens, the fruits will be blended to the desired consistency using a special food processor.

Ideally, you may want the raisin paste to be thick like peanut butter. The paste can stay in the refrigerator for about three weeks while freezing can keep it for several months. You can achieve a lot with a few teaspoons of the paste, same with a handful of the dry fruits.

Raisin Paste Mineral Profile

Raisins are filled with sugars and carbohydrates, providing a good source of rapid energy. A regular diet consisting of raisin paste is enough to meet your daily iron requirements. Iron is an essential mineral in blood oxygen circulation and immune system support. Potassium is an electrically charged compound present in the puree. It helps with muscle contractions, nerve stimulation and lowering the blood pressure.

The dietary fiber in the paste can work as a natural laxative and is also helpful in fighting weight gain. Eating fiber-filled diets will make you fuller, helping to cut down your food intake. At Siroperie Meurens, all these nutrients are kept in their original state by eliminating the use of additives and preservatives.

How to Sweeten Food with Raisin Paste

Raisins are exceedingly sweet because of a high concentration of natural sugars. Oatmeal is a fairly bland dish and may need to be topped off with the paste if you want a delicious meal. Your homemade granola bars can be made a little sweeter by adding the paste besides helping to bind the mixture. Raisins can also be added to smoothies, ice cream, and pastries. It can be used as a natural spread in place of corn syrup or the maple alternative.

Raisin paste is fairly easy to store than when you have to keep a whole basket of fruits in your kitchen. They are also cheaper than dates making them a better alternative if you are planning a regular diet.

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